Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ending August

Shelly and I have been quite busy and have had a few things, and places to be, on the go...  But we made it through the month - the only thing left is to get ready for school with a fresh shave, although no haircut yet.


Shelly and I went out to a post wedding reception.  I suppose all receptions are post weddings, but this one was about 6 weeks post wedding.  The couple was married in Mexico during the first of July, and then celebrated back in Goderich last Saturday night.  It was a great time, and I had a terrific looking date for the event.

(Picture Credit = Brad Bauman)

The other day Shelly's dad, George McBride, and I finished tiling the last 3 acres or so of the property.  We put another 1,000 feet of tile in.  It was much, much dryer then when we laid the first 1,000 feet of tile, thus an easier task.  This won't, hopefully become my paregon.  The farm is looking okay.  There is still a few thousand tires kicking around.  But that doesn't really seem too difficult considering what we've done.  Ed says his beans are doing superb!  Next winter wheat goes in and now he has more land to sow.

School starts with kids on Tuesday.  We have to report to work this Thursday September, 1 for some pre-planning activities.  The class I am in is satisfactorily prepared to take pupils right now, and will be good for next week. 

Anyhow - I hope to report some good stories from the long weekend which is quickly coming up.  Plus I still have to get a foto of that wood chipper in town.... 

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