Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Odds and Ends

I am just trying to do my bit in keeping this up-to-date and current with lots of interesting news and information.  All in all it has been quiet on the front, but I still try my best you know.

I have put together about 10 days straight of running.  That is my longest streak in one year easily.  I don't have an injuries or aches to note....  But I feel pretty beat up and out of shape.  I don't have any turn-over or kick in the legs.  It'll come together soon enough I hope.  Perhaps I'll get a few workouts in June and get up for a fall race or two.

Beaser and I hit the river on Sunday after our run for a paddle.  It wasn't supposed to be a nice day as the weather called for heavy rain.  But it wasn't rainning nor did it look like it was going to, so we said lets get out and enjoy ourselves.

And it was a nice day after-all.  Beaser was really interested in checking out the bald eagle's nest.  The last time I was out with Shelly we didn't see it as there was a lot of leaves growing on the trees which hides it from view.  We would have missed it, but after 30 minutes of paddling we saw an eagle flying and sure enough it went to its nest.  Then, we stopped a bit and saw another eagle poke its head out of the nest.  So it was a successful orinthology session for us.  We also spied a great number of geese, ducks and herons. 

I met up with Shelly afterwards and hung out with her at her parent's place.  It was the usual petting the dog, fixing some farm machinery, minding the horse, having dinner, and the like.  Regular farming stuff I suppose.  Shelly's brother Andrew and his wife Natalie had a baby about a month ago and her name is Erin.  So here are a few pictures of Granny and Erin.

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