Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recap of the Long Weekend

It was Shelly's 32nd on Saturday.  She got a great day for it too.  It was a sunny and warm day, it was a long weekend, and she got to spend it with me!  How terrific is that.

We sussed around a bit in the morning as she went to the YMCA and I went for a run with Thuss.  We had a great birthday breakfast scoff, and then decided that since it was such a nice day, we'd best get out on the Maitland for a bit of a paddle.  We went from Ball's Bridge to Holmesville.  Nothing too far, but just right.

It was so fun out on the river.  There had been quite a lot of rain in the past 72 hrs, and the evidence of it was noticable on the river.  The only problem was it was pretty dirty and mirky, so we couldn't see the bottom.  The river was very busy.  We saw no less then a dozen boats in our 3 mile paddle.  Everyone was having as much fun as us.

We were done on the water by three and had a quick bite to eat.  Reg, Wes, and Peggy were going out for a quick spin on the bikes so Shelly and I joined them for more fresh air.  We ripped down to Bayfield, across to Varna, them through Holmesville and Benmiller to get home.  It was a bit later in the afternoon so there really wasn't too much traffic on the road and we scooted along without any problems.

For dinner Shelly wanted to go to Thyme on 21.  It really is a fantastic place to eat - albeit a bit pricey.  But happy wife = happy life and we went and had a fill of great food and drink.  (Brad - I prefer your cooking though anytime!  And also thanks for taking these pictures.)

And to finish off the night we went over to Julie and Joe's for their annual long weekend backyard campfire.  I brought the guitar and chorded along as Joe also played the guitar, harmonica and sang. 

That was just Saturday - It was quite the busy day.

The rest of the weekend was rather anti-climatic considering all we did on Saturday.  We picked away out at the new farm and went out to Shelly's folks house for dinner too.  Her dad and I put up about 40 feet of a rail fence....  Again, anti-climatic and not too worthy of pictures or a write-up.

We put Shelly's horse out in a different pasture and it went absolutely nuts!  It was running around like it was in trainning for The Derby.  Perhaps it won't be going to the glue factory anytime soon after all.  Some video would have been funny...

Anyhow that was most of the long weekend.  Every weekend is actually a long weekend for me lately. 

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