Thursday, May 5, 2011

Like Dancing With A Fat Girl

That was the line of the day compliments of Shelly's dad Barry.  George McBride, Barry, and I were out tiling the back 3 acres or so of the property.  As Barry was unrolling the tile, he shouted out that funny title.  Well, it was kind of funny...  I thought so.  It'll give us about 12 acres of really, really good and dry land to rent out this year and thereafter..

In this picture under this text the tractor isn't ditch'n - Those are ruts!  It is stuck and just inching its way out.  But that is black gold soil folks.... 

What wasn't funny was the 1250 feet we put in, and we are still about 1000 feet short or so....  Oh well.  It was wet as ________.  (It was very wet.)   The back-hoe was up to its axels in mud and grime all day....  But George snaked it out.  We weren't exactly working as quickly or efficiently as Japanese beavers, but we got the 1250 feet of tile done in about 3.5 hours?  Maybe a bit longer....  But dam it was wet!  Sloppy stuff.

While we had the heavy machinery at the house, we did a number on all the trees that have infested the yard and perimetre of the house.  The back-hoe went back to work and dug up the trees and roots like nobodies business.  So it is cleaning up the place a wee bit anyway. 

And the other perpetual job to be mindful of out at the farm is the collection of scrap steel.  Beaser and I took in 1400 pounds on Monday - just crap lying around.  It is absolutely unreal.  We loaded another 2500 pounds after the tiling and tree'n; and it was only 4 items - an antique hay rake, an old packer, a grain auger, and a steel frame from a car trailer....  Some cheap dirt-ball Mennonite offered me $75 for the rake, packer and auger the other day - What does he take me for - a fool? That crap is worth 10 cents a pound in scrap.  Thanks but no thanks Jebidiah. 

So far we have scrounged over 6000 pounds, I'd honestly say, of sundry steel, brass, aluminiun, and such, out of the barn and ground.  That is crazy.  The funniest thing was the 40 foot television antenna Jeff Thuss and I ripped off of the house....  It was also a bit dangerous.... This place is crazy!  Well done Shelly.

Beaser with one of the loads of scrap...

My reversing skills with the trailer in tow are becoming quite good actually. Lots of practice lately.

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