Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My mom is in South Korea right now...  But I am sure she'll be perusing around the internet and stumble across this post before she comes home.  Happy Mother's Day Connie!  I got this picture for you:
A mother cow and her calf - Just maybe like you and I 35 years ago!  You are such a wonderful mom.

I was out doing all sorts of crap once again.  It hardly ever stops.  Shelly and I were at her folk's place.  It was an absolute gem of a day, so it was nice to be outside.  We started our day with a bit of breakfast out on the back deck on Quebec Street, then it was off to business.  It was so nice, I decided to catch a few rays on the skeleton.

Now back to the crap.....  The first order of business was Shelly's nag needing some love.  Well I am no ferrier, nor an esthetician, but I can make things happen if need-be.  Lucky had a disideratum for a clip-clip here and a clip-clip there on her front hooves.  They were resembling something of a Ripley's Believe It Or Not or a Guiness World Record attempt at having long nails.  So of course we don't have the correct tools for the job, nor will this horse lift its legs, but whatever....  We slapped a halter on it - upside down, gave it a few apples, and it stood at attention for trim.  It was soooo happy and relieved when I was all done, it was galloping up and down the fence line kicking and snorting.  It just may be ready for the Kentucky Derby by next year - Or the glue factory....  I gave it a big'ole drink of water (over 4 gallons) and it seemed like I just took 10 years off of its age.  I know how to make a horse happy I guess.  And it even gave me a kiss as a thank you.  No problem-o Lucky!

Another order of business was replacing some of the teeth off of the cultivator (and I am not even a dentist either).  Shelly's dad thought maybe 4 needed to be changed, then 6, and finally after 90 minutes I had about 12 brand new ones on and ready for the next 500 acres.  It is a pretty easy job and we mostly had the correct tools, which makes a world of difference.  But it is pretty awkward under one of these things and I was constantly wrapping my knuckles or stepping up into a tooth which is pretty painful.  Chalk it up as yet another amazingly dumb task I can now do.... 
That was it I guess.  Well, those were the most notable.  There was some other funny pictures from the day.  Every time I have an empty peanut butter jar I bring it out to the farm to give to Shelly's mom's dog.  Its name is Ralph.  (Probably as smart as Ralph Wigam too.)  He just carries them around and licks out the leftovers.  Good boy Ralphy....
The cat seems to have the run of the house when nobody is around at her parent's place.  I caught it cat-napping on the kitchen table - And on the place mats.  I can't even remember its name.  Cats don't exactly leave an indelible impression on me.  It should be thankful it doesn't live in the barn.
The bull was also out today sunning itself - All of itself if you care to look more closely.  It lives a pretty good life from what I can tell.  It seems to have the run of the barn.  It'll walk under this door and scratch its back against it.  It looks like the door is going to come right off of its hinges one of these days when it is doing this.
But the best part of the day, was being out with Shelly.  She really is something else.  There seems to be a bit of the horse Lucky in her - she loves her nails trimmed, a big drink of water, and she kisses me.  A bit of Ralph comes through - she drags stuff around with her, will sit at my side, and likes to go for walks.  The cat is obvious - lying around wherever she pleases.  The bull - well, she loves back rubs too.  But most importantly - Shelly is her own kick-ass kind of person.  I had a great day with you today.  Lots of my love.  Drew

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