Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Trevor

June 1st is my brother's birthday.  He is 34 this year.  Happy Birthday you old dog! 

I haven't called him today or sent him anything - But I thought I would create a post (letter) is his honour as a gift.  A crap gift perhaps....  But I am thinking of him.


I wanted to send a few quick words let you know personally what a fantastic time I had out in Rossland with you and your family this winter.  It has been the highlight of my 8 month sabbatical so far, and I know it will still be the highlight after it is finished when I am back to work.
I really enjoyed playing on your hockey team and being an "Ice Hawk" with your friends.  I can't remember if we have ever played on the same hockey team together...  It was long overdue at any rate and I am thankful we got this chance.
I also really liked going skiing with you.  Meeting you at the hill on Tuesdays while you were patrolling was always a highlight for me.  I am really impressed by how well you handle yourself on the slopes.
Another highlight I can not, nor will I ever forget, is going for a run with you on Christmas morning in Vernon.  Unreal! 
Most of all I looked forward to the time I spent with Tara, Cole, Grayson and yourself.  The four of you are one hell of a smooth operating machine.  I loved taking the boys out on the GT SnowRacer, out for a walk, and even babysitting while you guys were out. 
Anyhow it'll be too late, as far as I am concerned, until the next time our paths cross.  Nevertheless take great care of yourself, that terrific family, and have a wonderful 34th year of your life.

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