Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunny Day On The Slopes

Trista and I made it out to the hill.  It was a beautiful blue bird sunny day.  In the sun the temperature was just below freezing, and in the shade it was probably minus 4 or 5.  The only wind was that which blew across your face as your skies went down the hill.  It was a georgeous day to say the least.

We met lots of really nice people on the chair lift.  Chris was in his late forties and he was from Woodstock.  He brings his whole family to Rossland for the winters.  He was saying that they left London aeroport early in the morning, and immediately thereafter they shut it down.  He figures he was on the last flight out in those 5 days or so of that nasty storm 10 days ago or so.

Leslie was another nice lady we rode up with.  She was born in Ontario, but has been out in Rossland for thirty plus years and loves it.  She is volunteering at the cross country ski races this weekend down the road.  Leslie said her sister lives in Stratford.

So a great day skiing.  Just beautiful weather, but I must hope for a good 30 cm of fresh snow soon.  I have even mustered up a few runs this week home from skiing.

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