Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rossland, BC

Well I/we made it to Rossland a few days ago.  Andrew Johnston, Joel Wright and I made the 3600km trip in two vehicles unscathed.  We put in 4 hard driving days across US #2, and cut up into Canada in Roosville, BC.  The further west we drove, the windier, colder and snowier it got.

There were plenty of mentionable highlights from the drive in terms of scenery and conversation.....  The best night was probably on Thanksgiving Thursday.  We were in Malta, MT.  We rolled into town and found 1 open bar.  Everything else was closed.  We siddled in for a beer and made great conversation with the locals.  They were extremely hospitable.  The bar-flies had organized their own Thanksgiving dinner and had it set up, pot luck style, in the corner of the establishment.  It was a great scoff of ham, scalped potatoes, and veggies.

I have been very busy since getting here.  I played hockey on Saturday, and Sunday on Trevor's team called the Ice Hawks, and co-ed hippie-hockey on Tuesday with Joel.  I have also ran each day since being here.  That has been tough.  The overall lay of the land it isn't too appreciative of long distance running....  But I will keep it up.
I am missing Shelly a great deal.  But we have talked nearly every day and it is only about 2.5 weeks until she is coming out for the X-Mas holidays.  I can't wait.

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