Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 Days of Skiing

I have hit the slopes everyday the hill has been open.  It opened on Saturday.  It really has been fun to get out doing, what I have come out here to do.  Have I hit the best conditions yet?  No.  There has been some rain, foggy conditions, and parts of the mountain aren't skiable yet.  But soon enough that will change.

My skiing partners have been fantastic so far.  Every other day I have gone out with either Joel or his wife Trista.  We are all new to the hill and are finding our way around with good success.

They are going out every other time as one of them has two mind these two.  Cohen and Eamen.

So no epic tales of waist deep powder and bright blue skies yet.  We have skied through some very clear Kootney skies and I have found some shin deep snow to blaze through.....  More to come.

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