Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Backing Up

Yes.  Going way back to 2013.  Going back to the first of December...

Sighting in my gun proved less than necessary; I missed a few; well three.  The first one was on the Wednesday night on the first week of the hunt and I thought I was on it without any problems.  I wasn't nervous or shaking or anything like that.  It was within 50 yards I'd say and I had its full side to shoot at.  There really is no sense going on - I shot once, missed, I shot again, and missed.  It ran off.  Then immediately I was shooting at the doe that walked out behind it and wasn't so bold as to go quite in my direct line of fire (not that it would have made any difference....).  But the other good thing is that I missed one in my truck 40 minutes later driving into town.

There was a car a hundred/one hundred fifty yards in front of me and all of the sudden I start driving over its headlight, blinker lights, then parts of its bumper and such.  The damaged car pulled over.  I did too.  Incidentally I knew the driver.  At any rate we walked back to the the sight of the collision and sure enough there was the doe, dead & ditched.  So 3 misses on the Wednesday....

Fast forward to the goods - Larry ended up shooting a mid sized doe on the Saturday afternoon.  No photo evidence - but he got it and we butchered it up a couple days later with the help of Jeff.  I continued to hunt on the Saturday afternoon and had a doe walk somewhat, but not really out to where I was sitting.  There was no shooting as it wasn't very close....  It was somewhat close but it kept walking away from me. 

Anyway, we got a few steaks and roasts in the freezer to enjoy.

So I will skip a whole bunch of other stuff and just post some pictures with some brief descriptions.  This first one is of Molly of course.  She just wanted cheese for Christmas.  We never buy the Kraft (processed) singles; but she'll snag one from a grandparent's house or just being elsewhere.  We put two of them in her stocking and I'll tell you she was really, really excited to get them.
Not much with this picture - just Christmas morning I suppose...

Thuss and I got out for a number of runs out on the holidays.  I also got out for a good one in Guelph with Richy and a few of his buddies.
Don't adjust your eyes - This is an out of focus picture from Christmas Eve over at the Coup's house.  It is the only picture that was taken of the three of us - mostly because we lost the camera for 8 days or so after Christmas morning...

There is all kinds of snow around here.  While Molly and I walked the perimetre of the farm, Shelly skied it for an hour or so one afternoon.  It was not a great walk as I constantly stepped through the crust and into the ground past my ankle, but on skis it was extremely smooth and manageable.  Molly and I went sledding at the golf course too on New Year's day.
That is about it for the pictures and stories.  They aren't nearly as good when I post a bit more regularly.  But like I said the camera was misplaced for over a week, and we hit the highway for a mid-western Ontario road trip.  That was great because we stayed a few nights in a hotel with a pool, did a bit of post Christmas window shopping, as compared to full blown consuming, I think I bought a shirt actually, and crossed paths with Scott Cook, whom I haven't seen in about 3 years, I was with Drew Barisdale which is always fun, and the Tremain's were extremely gracious hosts too for a day and night.....  And it isn't over yet because it is only Wednesday night and I don't have to work until Monday. 

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