Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just a quick, funny picture.  The quick story is that I hurt my head here shooting my shotgun...  But obviously it isn't that serious and it wasn't like I was shot or anything.   No.  I was out at my buddy's house shooting my shotgun and getting it ready for the deer hunt this week.  Why?  I don't know.  It isn't like I usually see any deer, or anything with 4 legs for that matter during this week.  But, one best be prepared.  So I changed the barrel on my shotgun to the "rifled" version (? - I don't really know too much about guns all in all....) and put my scope on it.  Because - yes, the scope is really going to make a difference for a hunter such as myself....  I went out to Drew's because not only is he very knowledgeable in the set up and mechanics of firearms, and I mean really, really, knowledgeable, he has the space to shot safely which is of course the most important aspect of all this business.  Anyway - first shot I took = I obviously wasn't holding the gun properly and the recoil was quite significant, and I got smashed right on my forehead.  It bled for a good hour and made a pretty good mark.  Hey - it could have been a worse.

All is really good around here.  Shelly was very busy in a local X-Mas music concert which wrapped up last night with a grand concert and collection of performances.

Work is busy too of course for the both of us.  Nothing in particular.  But the daily preparation, and seasonal concerts are starting - it is just always something.  I have been busy doing some health and safety work, and other federation business.  I like it for the most part.  It is interesting and new.

There is lots of snow around here.  It is good because it gives Molly and extra job or chore.  She has been soooo excited to clean the kitchen and do the dishes as of late.  So the snow is good because she likes to go outside and shovel and move it around.  She quite enjoys any job actually; sweeping, some laundry, general clean up, sweeping - swatting flies.  That is our go-to job for her - swatting flies.  It keeps her extra busy this time of year because there are no flies in the house.  But since she is so young and doesn't have the intelligence to know any better - the joke is on her for now.

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