Monday, January 6, 2014

Sock'd In

We are really snow'd in around here....  Each day over the last week we've got 20 cm here, 15 another day, and another couple 20 cm snowings.  It is all fine in Rossland, BC, but it does create a bit of a hassle around here.  Basically we've have 50 or 60 cm over the past few days, plus it has been fairly windy so there are drifts close to a metre in height.  Needless to say things are pretty quite.

On the weekend we got out snowmobiling.  Reg has a reliable sled that is just right for pulling a wooden toboggan around the field.  It was really quite fun.  The kind of fun that would have made me shell out two grand for such a ride myself.  However, it was just that the day was just right for that kind of activity.  Usually snowmobiling isn't as pleasurable; too cold, too windy, not enough snow, they break down quite often, and such.  That wasn't the case on the weekend.  Shelly did try to cross county ski around the field, but the snow was much too sticky and it made gliding near impossible....
The cover got blown off, and this was the result in about 24hrs...

At any rate, there was a tonne of cancellations and road closures.  Brookside was, of course, closed.  That was the third inclement weather day of this school year.  We did snag two before the seasonal break.  I did a lot of shoveling, went for a quick little run, and just poked away on some school stuff throughout the day as well.

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