Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days

We haven't hit a consecutive record, I believe that it is 5 days in a row, but we just hit the trip today.  The major problem on the highways is the drifting snow and getting things cleaned up from the high winds and moderate snow fall.  I guess the drifts were getting to be well over six feet high.  There are hundreds of cars that are abandoned or stuck.  All the roads in Huron County were also closed. 

But I have been keeping busy for the most part.  I have found the town's library to be a great spot to work away at a few things that need to get done.  It is close, quiet, the computers work well.  It isn't home...  Molly still goes to daycare on days like these.  It is open and staffed.  She likes going... 

Shelly has found a project inbetween the work she is getting done for school and such. 

Hockey got cancelled tonight.  There are still a few roads closed....  Lots of shovelling happening... 

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