Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Pictures From The Month

Just trying to pad my end-of-month posting stats and such.  And also a chance to post some pictures from the month.  Shelly and I do print five or six pictures each month to put in an album for Molly.  So we do have a record of the better pictures.  Most probably are on the blog, but some probably not.  I have a portable hard drive with a few hundred pictures on it over the past 2 years.  Some day, some time, something will undoubtedly happen to it in that it gets ruined.  I will be S.O.O.L.  However, and as we all have been warned, they say whatever you do on the internet will last forever.  So in some regards that is good because there is a great deal of pictures on this blog that should survive.  But, then again, I wouldn't be surprised in 10 years if blogs and social networking looks entirely different, and has entirely changed.... 

So, it is my hope that people will get to read this in the future online....  But I am going to pay a bit of $ and get this content put into a book.  I know there are a few companies that do it.  And even if it cost a few hundred bucks, I'll have it forever....  So long as it doesn't get burnt in a fire, ruined by water, or the like.

To the pictures:

We are all great....  No problems here.  Shelly is still doing those things she does.  She is quite busy.  Work stuff, her social stuff, family stuff.... 

Molly is another story.  Yes, she is busy.  But she has her own style and flair which mostly consistent, but doesn't make any sense.  She doesn't like to get dressed up or be set in fancy clothes - any attire is fine.  She doesn't mind her hair being combed, but she hates have ribbons, or elastics in it.  She likes being in the tub and blowing bubbles and getting her face wet, but she hates, hates getting her hair washed.  She doesn't mind washing herself with soap on a cloth.....She'll eat mostly all kinds of food - as for her favourite -cheese and ham.  Cheese and ham.  She asks for it always, but she doesn't complain when it is breakfast and toast is served.    She is getting to be quite fussy in the stroller and has to be latched in.  She likes to eat with utensils, and her hands....  That, she doesn't have a preference.  She is actually getting pretty solid on her vocabulary - we are drilling the pleases and thank-yous and that is going well.  I usually put her to bed because she wants Shelly to keep rocking her and reading stories to her - I suppose she doesn't expect such love from dad.  But seriously, she goes to bed instantly with me, but not really with Shelly.

All in all she is doing quite well from being just a month a few days short of 2.

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