Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pictures/School Starting

Just so excited to post the picture of Shelly and I with the fellers in Blue Rodeo....  We had a terrific time at the concert.  It was just neat to be apart of the meet-and-great because so few were chosen or had the opportunity.  It would have been so much better to have a pint with them and ask a few questions about their music and their world - however.  For that brief moment, and like most people, I felt as if they really enjoyed our company.  That goes without saying!

We got some first day back to school and daycare photos taken on our rainy Tuesday morning this week.  There was some significant reorganization and shuffling at Brookside actually which effected my numbers and whatnot.  But that was sort of expected.  For the next 190 working days I'll be teaching 25 students in a fourth/fifth grade split class.  There are 12 fourth graders and 13 fifth graders.  I have been pretty much on the ball during these first three school days.  But something funny actually has happened.  Well, maybe it is stupid....

I sent home September's monthly calendar and for the most part it was fine.  But in the important dates to remember section I indicated what day class pictures are to be taken and when open house is, but I also included that there wasn't any school on September 28th.  September 28th is a Saturday.  Stupid story, I know.  I wasn't exactly wrong.

A few other funny pictures - Molly, at times, has been playing with this really odd looking doll that she has.  We been told by others that she mostly looks like the daughter, or could look like the daughter, of that fictional character Chucky.  So, yes.  Molly likes it.  She doesn't really know any better.  You be the judge.

Molly and her doll:
And we are always into wearing anything around the house as a hat too:

And just being coolish:

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