Monday, September 30, 2013

Mid September

Just a quick posting.  I have been telling people that my lackluster emails are because I keep this site updated and current with the news and events of what is happening...

A week or two ago I headed down to Windsor.  I have to make mention that I took the bike down and I encountered a few firsts on it.

The first thing to note, and I am under no allusion that others will enjoy these stories because they aren't that interesting - however, since I am documenting my travels....  It started to rain on my motorbike and I actually pulled over and put on my rain gear.  This was a first.  Usually I soldier on and get wet.  This summer when this happened to me on the way up to North Bay I said never again.  Never will I not stop and put on my rain gear.  So, I stopped as soon as it was raining, put on the gear, and drove off.  It stopped raining within 5 km....  However, I drove on for another 30 or so and stopped at a gas station.  I was just about to get on the 401 to rip the last 100km towards Windsor.  So I gassed up and took off the rain gear.  A guy filling up beside me said, "You don't want to do that."

Not taking his advice was a big mistake.  I took off my rain gear regardless.  And what do you know....  By Chatham it was down-pouring.  Just raining cats and dogs.  One of the scariest things I have ever done in my life happened next.

Since I recently professed to never ride in the rain without proper clothing, I pulled over under a bridge on the 401 to put my gear back on.  This was a horrible idea.  Changing on the side of the 401 was not wise.  The rain was coming under the overpass sideways - I was still getting soaked.  And the cars and trucks whizzing by was terrifying.  So, ya.   I made it to Windsor safe, but wet and beaten a bit.  No matter.  It was straight to Biblioasis Bookstore to visit with Alex.

There was a lot of confused looks in my direction as I walked in for Alex's 40 minute seminar and reading from his Giller Prize nominated (2011) Light Lifting.  What could I do except sit back, have a cold beer, gather my wits, and listen to Alex.  As usual, he did not disappoint.

I went to Windsor to celebrate with some friends the University of Windsor's 50th Anniversary.  To make a long story short it was enormously anti-climatic.  There is a worker's strike on campus and as a result there was an abbreviated schedule of events.  Well, Alex and I made the best of what there was to enjoy, and hung out a lot with Jason Petro, and then some other great guys at the football, and the Dominion House on Saturday night for some pints.

Anyway, it was a decent weekend all in all.  No pictures....  It was not a great weekend on the bike, however, any weekend you get home safe and sound from being on two wheels, that is reason enough to be thankful.

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