Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid October

So it is time to get a few quick words down and pictures posted from the past few weeks.  Everything has been happening, yet nothing too it seems in retrospect.

I wish my bike/motorcycle could write.  My buddy borrowed it for the past week and took a huge rip on it down through the states.  They went down to the Tail of the Dragon, then over to Alabama to visit some sort of museum/motorcycle museum....  Alas, the KTM is rad, but it doesn't write.  I haven't quite seen them yet, though I know they have returned and back in Goderich.  The weather here has been terrible lately; hopefully it was better for them.

Thanksgiving was fun.  Lots of family getting together and such.  Missed out on a lot of good picture opportunities - but got a few of Molly and her cousins.  Count'em.  That is 5 red heads out of 6 children.

And one of the lone cousins who is anything but red-headed.  And funny enough she is the one whom I wouldn't mess with....  The one whose disposition would be more like a red-head.  But they are all great of course no matter what hue their head is.

 Other than that - I helped Barry a bit on the Thanksgiving weekend clearing some fence bottoms and fields.  He had some burn piles to take care of.  Since I know a few things about burning and the best fuels to take care of a pile of brush - I tagged along.  An important rule most might forget; bring a beer or two to enjoy whist watching the fire burn.  I actually still have one more fire to light out at Shelly's farm to finish off a few tree trucks and other mess that has accumulated.

So it is onto report card writing.  I seem to be quite busy with school.  Much, much busier than the last 3 years combined I bet.  The days just seem to go very quick, and there seems to be an incredible amount of stuff to get through. 

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