Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pittsburgh Recap

Just a quick, jot note recap and some photos from a recent and quick Pittsburgh, PA trip with 3 fine, righteous individuals.  Firstly, Pittsburgh was a super terrific trip and I would highly, highly recommend anyone reading this to check it out.  Why? 
  1. Great, reasonably priced food and accommodation!
  2. Awesome districts like "The Strip" & "The Waterfront"
  3. Checked out the institutions of higher learning Pitt and Duquesne
  4. Great sporting action with awesome running trails, and of course the major sports teams
  5. Two great museums: Andy Warhol and Carnagie
  6. All the bridges are really neat
  7. A traditional blue collar city with historical roots to strong unionism
  8. It is in a neat geographical valley
Hey - I am not doing enough here, but it really was a good trip and super close to southwestern Ontario residents....  I took lots of pictures:
We all had a very good time...

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