Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 2

Monday July 8

Eagle Lake - Rouyn Noranda - Timmins
Kilometrage - 600 km (tot. 1010 km)
Gas - 26 L (tot. 40.8 L)
Cost - $37.00 (tot. $57.50)

Fantastic day on the highways of Ontario and Quebec.

Len and I skidded out by 8:30 or so, got on 11 north to North Bay, then decided to take 63 into Quebec.  We were well aware that our daily destination of Matagami, PQ would not be sensible because of highway closures up to Radisson.   We were going to try anyway.  Well, we were going to get to Rouyn-Noranda for sure.  It wasn't out of the way. 

Getting to R-N was terrific.  From 63, we took 101 for 50km or so, then we took a parallel road called 391.  It was about 220km in all.  The roads were sooooo smooth.  There was one-twentieth the traffic one would see and expect on any road in southwestern Ontario.  It was just really relaxing to be on it.  There wasn't any animals; alive or dead....  Actually a few farms with cows, but very little considering it was two hundred plus kilometres.  We saw some turkeys actually.
There was lots of little interesting towns with the standard Catholic church and volunteer fire hall.  There were a few dams we crossed.  Lots of little camping or RV areas.  It was just such a nice drive.

R-N was a happening spot.  Female french fashion at its finest.  Lots of skirts and high heels.  All of the fellers were in dapper attire.  All of the restaurants were basically like patio, sit-down, bistro, looked fancy, kind of places.  We walked around the downtown core, then headed out to the tourist information building to get the official bad news that our trip to Radisson was not going to happen.  Back to Ontario.

Kirkland Lake was only 35 minutes or so away so we headed west.  It was after four o'clock, and we thought we had it in us to get to Timmins.  So it was off to Timmins.  Again, another easy ride with very little traffic.  Timmins and the Comfort Inn at just after six. 

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