Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1 - Rain, Mostly

Sunday July 7

Goderich - Eagle Lake, On (South of North Bay)
Kilometrage - 410 km
Gas - 14.8 L
Cost - $20.50

So a few months back I arranged to meet up with a teaching colleague from Stratford for a summer motorcycle trip.  I wanted to be his guest, so to speak, so I left the destination up to him.  "Radisson, PQ", Len proclaimed.  Google it.  Find out how far north it is.

I booked out of Goderich with a few kisses and a packed bike for what I thought would be a week or so in northwest Quebec.  I also had some knowledge that the only road to get to Radisson, has been recently closed because of forest fires.  Oh well, I only had to get to North Bay to meet up with Len, and then the adventure would really start.  However getting to North Bay was not so great.


It was quite warm leaving town at eleven.  I made quick work getting to Walkerton, (50 minutes), and was through Hanover in just a shade over an hour.  I was driving pretty fast.  At or about Hanover it started to rain/mist/sprinkle.  Seemingly it didn't seem that bad based on the speed I was traveling, the warm air, and because of the rate it fell to the ground.  However onto Durham, and Flesherton, and into Creemore it was absolutely pouring....  Raining cats and dogs as they say.  My rain gear was safely tucked away, and dry, in my panniers.  Why I didn't get it out and on in Hanover?????  Stupidity.  By the time I put it on, I was soaked.

I ripped through Stayner, then onto the Horseshoe Valley Road (#22?) to Orillia.  It wasn't really raining, but I was still soaked.  Just north of Orillia I got onto highway 11.   I was somewhat drying out.  Spirits were okay.

By 4:45 I pulled off at Mountain View Road, made a right onto Morris Lane, and I was on my way to meet up with Len.  We actually passed each other on the gravel road.  We stopped.  He was in his car with his wife, and I was on my bike.  Then I was off my bike.  I dropped it.  That was stupid too.  It wasn't like it crashed down with a boom.  I was just not being very mindful, it was dam heavy too, and it fell to the right.  His car was on my left.  I guess it could have been worse; if it fell into his car that would have easily been a $1500 dent.  Trust me -I hit that Subaru in Rossland, BC a few winters ago and that rang me a grand plus some.  Anyway - at least I got my crash over with early in the trip.  No picture.

So that was the excitement for the first day.  We had a great super, had a swim, played 10,000 and another dice came called Liars Dice.  We also went for ice cream....  And my first day was basically over....

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