Monday, June 3, 2013

New Content

One, maybe the only one, semi-regular viewer of drmexploits told me today that she was tired of looking at the two turkeys from the past posting.  I have to agree....  Certainly I can post some new information and a few pictures to fresh'n up the blog and make it seem that I still care. 

So we are all well.  Very well.  Two of the three residents are pretty keen at the upcoming end of June, signalling an end to our studies/vocation.  Molly, the lone wolf in the house, probably has no idea that her daily routine is about to change drastically in another month.  She is not going to day care over the summer.  Seeing as neither Shelly or I will be in an official working capacity, it hardly seems like it would be a good-parent-thing-to-do to send a child to a facility to mind children, when two capable adults are at home to do just that.  Well....  on the other hand.....  One day a week won't hurt Molly - So she'll go twice every fortnight to keep her spot, and to have that day care fun.

So Molly is doing absolutely terrific.  Her red hair is certainly showing more life and length.  She seems to be as heavy as a wee tank.  I can assure you her teeth are sharp and very strong.  She is steady on her feet and uses a number of words with some accuracy.  All is good.
And that other girl Shelly is doing quite, quite great too of course.  She is very capable in her basement art studio firing her beads and making jewelry.  She is also a heck-of-a batter on her slow pitch team; assuring me she hits lots of doubles, and "triple(s) to the fence."  There was that 34th birthday in May to speak of, as well as her second Mother's Day celebration.  Oh, what an exciting month for her.
And as for me - I most recently had a great canoe down the Maitland River with Lancer Alum Phil Dalton.  I love getting out in the canoe.  It is terrific.  I can't quite say if I like being on the motorcycle better - I love them both for different reasons....  But anyway, we got because there had been quite a lot of rain and the river swelled favourably to travel down. 
So anyway - we are all safe and sound in Goderich and I trust there will be a bit more content as the summer swings into action....

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