Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'll Be Back Before Midnight

Most nights I usually am, and this reference is quite true this time of year.  I'll Be Back Before Midnight is a play that was written in the late 1970s by a fellow named Peter Colley.  It is playing at The Livery Theatre in Goderich and I am the Assistant Stage Manager.  It is not a very sexy job or anything, although I have been busy and the play has probably benefited from an extra joker around such as myself helping out.

Without giving too much of the plot away, it is set in a farmhouse, there are 4 characters, and it is a who-done-it, murder comedic mystery.  The four character's lives get interwoven by some incest, marriage, and neighbourly relationships.  Surprisingly it isn't nonfiction based on many of the folk around Huron & Bruce County.  What do I do as the A.S.M.?  I have quarterbacked the props and back stage management of the play so far.  I also trip some doors/hatches and some other suspenseful actions that will be seen by the audience to add excitement.  I pull the drapes too...  At any rate, we had a mini dress rehersal on Sunday, a more formal dress rehersal tonight, then show-time on Thursday.  It runs for 7 shows.  It is going to go over well I hope.

And on the homefront - Molly and I are just hanging out as Shelly hit up some March Break travel to the big city of Toronto.  We've been swimming, hanging out at the library, lots of walks, and just trying to keep the house organized and clean.  All in all a success. 

Molly was into the cupboards and dumped out a fourth of a box of Cheerios - So she's just been eating off the floor when hungry.

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