Saturday, March 30, 2013


With so much fine weather, I thought I should keep up the excitement.  I went back out to the farm to drop of the canoe and decided to fire up the bike.  No problems....  Until...
I had my second career crash - The first time I wiped out it was a few years ago and I was puttering up a hill and then turned my wheel and the weight of the bike & gravity immediately took over.  There was no way I could have hung on.  It dropped to the ground, chipped a bit of paint, and that was that. A mild, 1 out of 10 on the serious scale crash.  My KTM is a jacked-up dirt bike really, so if it falls over, well, that is what happens with such bikes.  Today's was a bit worse.

I was going down Lanesville Road - the No Winter maintenance section, and I was taking it fairly easy, but the front wheel just slid out on snow/ice, I over-steared and got into the ditch was was equally soft and wet, and the next thing I was thrown a few feet in front of the bike - mud all over, ripped jeans.  It woke me up a bit to say the least.  Then comes the effort to lift it.  It weighs about 450 pounds anyway.  Nothing broken on me or it!  All in all, no big deal.  It happens.  The way I look at it is I got it over with now....

Before all of this I was over at Drew Anderson's.  We not only share a first name, but a few hobbies as well.  He has a couple dirt-bikes; one has a side-car that is kind of neat...  All of them are from the 80s and are really old school.  He was just out shoot'n and cleaning up around his property - And pull'n wheelies.

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