Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is more like it!  A truck, a canoe on it...  No baby.  No bottle.  Nothing cute...  This is back to the drmexploits!  Beaser and I hit up The Maitland on Friday.  It was a bit cold.  A bit windy too.  But it was a blue-bird day.
So we put in at Ball's Bridge, and oared to Benmiller.  What is kind of weird is that the driving distance is only about 5km away, but the way the river winds and bends, it ends up to be about a 13 to 14 km row.  What is even weirded is there is another section to paddle from Holmesville to Benmiller.  It would be an 8km paddle, and about a 10 km drive.....  So my point is we can drive a short distance, and still canoe a decent amount.

We were in the water for about 2.5 hours.  We saw thousands of geese and ducks, a few turkey vultures, one racoon, and 3 bald eagles.  The eagles were the highlight.  The water was great!  Lots of it....  I stayed dry - Beaser was in the front of the boat and he got a bit wet because of the waves crashing in.

I don't know too much about canoeing...  But my canoe seems to be very solid and sound.  It is heavy.  That is one advantage.  It isn't so heavy that it drags in the water, but it is heavy enough that it doesn't rock back and forth in the water....  I like about it.  I mostly can muscle it on too of the truck...  The extra hand is helpful though.
So here is to hoping the weather stays like this for the next few days.  I left the canoe on my truck to hopefully see another section of the river.

And to finish off the afternoon - A few beers and a hot soak in the tub...  A pretty good day all n'all.

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