Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inclement Weather

Just a few pictures and a brief update about what has been going on.  Basically there has been a lot of inclement weather days for blowing snow or icey roads.  I have kind of lost track of all them.  Today makes about the nineth or tenth day off.  Yesterday was another....  On half of the days I get out to the school and poke away at some work - like yesterday.  But today the highway is closed, so for now I am just at home doing some stuff - well, updating the blog, then I'll get some stuff done.

So just a few pictures....  Molly and Shelly are doing really well.  I am doing fine myself....
Molly and Shelly going out for a walk...  She really enjoys being in the backpack...

Molly and I just hanging out....  In the kitchen....

Anyhow - like last time I wrote that I'd try to post more and update more...  And I should. 

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