Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas With The Mother-In-Law's Family

They are truly animals on this side of the family...

They are nice, you know, but they eat while standing up and from a trough, wallow in their own waste, expect others to wait on them hoof & hock - err, hand and foot.  It was a crazy time with the Gawley's....  Oh, the holiday season....  I got a few pictures, but nothing turned out that great.  These pictures are from Norman and Velma's farm outside of Kincardine.  I don't suppose they mind being displayed on the internet (the horse and cows).  The other pictures I snapped are of Shelly's cousins' and brothers' kids - I should have asked permission to post their pictures on this site - But since I didn't ask, I will hold off.

But seriously, they are great people, those Gawleys.  Great, generous people who have welcomed me and provided Molly with another amassment of baby belongings.

So it has actually been pretty quiet and not too much has been going on - No epic stories or milestones to note.  We are all just getting through the days.  I hit up work and put out those flames without too many problems - Shelly and Molly are doing their thing around here;  they get out for walks, sleep in, pick away at different things around the house.  Wrap my Christmas gifts - NOT!

Things will start to rock on Friday around here...  More family, food, fun, & festivities.  Marsha and her family are flying in for a few days.  I'll cross paths with many cousins and inlaws.  There will be a lot of young babies around and pandenmonium will certainly eventualize!

So stayed tuned and hopefully there will be a few good "Christmas Vacation" moments.  Until then, Molly pretty much looks the same.

Her first smug look...

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