Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting To It & At It

Finally some video of the crusher in action!  It is working pretty good.  Although we are wrestling a bit with some tires to finish them off of the rim with some prying....  It may be a bit under powered?  The wedges aren't serrated, which I think if they were it would be better too.  Sometimes the tire kicks up a bit on us too which doesn't help.  It is a dirty, nasty job....  But somebody has to do it.  I'll tell you - there are a few people I know I wouldn't mind seeing their heads or nuts in this for a bit of a squeeze.

I guess we've put about 500 tires through it and it scarcley looks any different out there yet.  The pile - the main pile that is, is still gi-normous.  But we are picking away.  We have about $2700 or so into the crusher.  So bring on that scrap steel!

Trust me....  for every tire you see in this picture, there are about 20 times more buried beneath, or behind, or in another pile.  Hopefully less then 5,000 to go!

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