Friday, July 1, 2011

Canadian Master's 1500m Record Holder

It was all Richy Tremain on Thursday night in London.  June 30th was his 40th.  He was 20 hours into officially being a masters athlete when he rounded the track 3 and 3/4 times to run 3:54.80.  (Splits 62, 2:07, 3:09)  There would be no other time he'd be as close to 40, thus maximizing his chance at the record.  He gets nothing but older from this moment on.

The record was 4:01 about one month ago.  It had been this mark for a number of years.  Then two weeks ago a guy out in Moncton, NB ran 3:57 and change.  So there was a bit of pressure on my good buddy.  Rich had run 3:57 a few weeks ago, but as a 39 year old.  But after a few more weeks of training, and some added pressure with the lower benchmark, he really wanted to blow out his pipes on this attempt.  He assured me he was as nervous as ever prior to the start of the race.  Low and behold there really was never an issue.  At-a-boy Richy!  Congratulations and happy birthday you old dog!

I went to work for the first time in a year on Thursday.  I joined the great folks out at Brookside for some meetings and discussion about next year and what it is going to look like.  There weren't any kids at school.  So there were no arithmetic or composition lessons for the pupils!  I actually crossed paths with a few students who seemed to think they are going to be in my split three four grade next year.  I asked them if one and one still equalled two and if we  still end sentences with punctuation marks.  They said yes.  I said good.  I think I will be ready then for September then.

I threw my first 500 bails of hay for 2011 today - and have another 800 waiting for me this weekend.  I helped out Shelly's dad today.  Andrew and I were down on the wagon and the two high school students were sweat'n up in the mow = the benefits of being the favourite son-in-law, and older!  Mowing is the worse.  I'll go help my uncle Larry for the rest of the weekend.  I don't mind so much.  Although I'll probably have to mow out at his place.
So there is a lot going on this summer...  U2 concert on July 11.  Shelly and I are taking the train into the big smoke and staying for a few extra days.  We also have tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford.  I am taking the third part of this computer/technology course and it only lasts for 1 month so I am going to be hammering away on that.  There is also the tires to plug away at....  Getting a wheel crusher made to blast away at them.  I am really running well and have found some new energy and enthusiasm in this topic area, so I am working away with that.  There is a 50% chance, maybe a bit more, of getting out to Cape Breton to have some fun.  I think I am just scratching the surface - Lots going on.

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