Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't Wait 2 Weeks B/W Posting

Yes, don't wait, like I have, two weeks inbetween posts....  There hasn't been anything too epic, but lots of pictures and friends over to visit and places gone too.  I will try my best to remember everything.

Joel, Trista, and the kids were over for a great lunch scoff last week.  The last time we met up for food and pictures it was in Rossland and it was minus 10 degrees.  This time it was in the winter, in Goderich, and about 30 centigrade.  Trista and I posing...

Shelly and I were at the U2 concert on Monday July 11th.  It was a fun trip as we took the train to Toronto, watched the concert, met up with a bunch of friends, had some great eats and drinks, went shopping, and then saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford on the way home.  To top it off, the Stratford Concert Band, which Shelly is in, played a gig on this trip, as well as her brass quartet....  Lots of art and culture for us.

 A few pictures of Shelly's lillies in the backyard garden which are growing quite large....

Shelly also wanted me to show some pictures of Mango's new favourite place to sleep.  It is in a closet 6 feet off of the ground were we keep the bath towels.  It siddles up somehow or other.

We've been beaching it sooo much in the last few weeks while we are around.  We pretty much have it down to a science as we have a great open faced tent to set up and lay in, music to play, books to read, and the like.  The water has been cool, despite it being so hot.  But refreshing!  Julie, Joe, and their kids are usually down there when we are.  Here's to them.

The rim crusher is made!  We have cycled 25 tires or so through it without too many problems.  On Tuesday we hope to put a few hundred through it.  That will test it out.  Abraham Martin did a fine job welding it up if I must say.....  Let's get at those tires.

So a lot has been happening.  Shelly and I had our first anniversary on the 10th.  One year!  The night before she said to me, "We aren't getting each other gifts are we....."  Classic.  That meant, you're not getting a gift Drew, but did you happen to get me one?  Of course I got Shelly a gift though.....

But the news here is Shelly is nineteen weeks pregnant and holding strong!  So I guess I got a gift after all.  Way to go Shelly!

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