Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Real Horse's Ass!

Marsha, Loch, Alden and I went out for some fun and excitement to the Wright's.  I was on Alden duty while Marsha and Loch checked out the mare and the new colt which was born on May 13th.  It is really friendly and loves to be pet.  The mother's name is Sugar, but the colt is yet to be named, I think.  The Wright's grand-daughter Molly calls it Peanut.
We also checked out the chickens, gathered some eggs, minded the baby kittens, and saw the frogs and tadpoles in their pond - Which also has really colourful water lillies....  It is always lots of fun out at the Wright's!  Sorry we missed you Joel - See you out there next time buddy.

 And to remind everyone, and myself sometime, a great picture of my sweet baby Shelly with Copper the dog!

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