Friday, March 25, 2011

An Update

The trap of not writing and posting has hit me once again.  It really isn't excusable as I have such a loyal following of visitors and I don't want to let anyone done.  I have been busy, but it is unglamorous and hardly unadventerous material to speak of.  It has involved cleaning old shitty houses - no offense Barry or Shelly, numerous dump runs, trips to the scrap steel depot, returning 100s of empty beer and liqour bottles (nearly $100 worth) and so on.  Some before and after pictures of these clean-ups would be appropriate at the moment.

However on March Break Shelly and I hit a bit of excitement travelling up to Collingwood, ON.  There was a meeting of the minds among some of the University of Windsor's finest graduates who also happen to be my former roommates.  And get this, out of the 4 of us fellers; Brian, Tim, Drew and myself, we graduated 8 times from that fine institution.  Brian has 2 degrees (undergrad + Masters), Tim has 3 (undergrad, Masters + Law), Drew has 1 (undergrad) and I have 2 (undergrad + Education).  Unreal.  Unfortunately Scott Cook wasn't there....  A fantastic roommate as well, but hell, he only brings 1 degree into play and even that was obtained 5 years late!  What a guy.  I saw Scott in September though on the motorcycle trip.

So the four of us got caught up and re-aquainted with new events in our lives.  We had all crossed paths this past July as a group, and individually we all see one another here and there throughout the seasons.  We skied on Saturday and had a terrific time slaying the snow, and the beers apres ski!  Take care boys....

And here is a great picture of Scotty Cook and I in September 2010.

So yes, Shelly did get this house/property/farm/?????? out on Hawkinsville road back the first of March.  It is hard to describe.  It is hard to look at and breathe inside of what I think is the house, but I am not quite sure.  Pictures would be appropriate at this time.....  But alas.  It has about 25 acres or perhaps a bit less.  8 acres are workable and the plan is to hopefully tile another 3 or so beside it ASAP.  It'll be rented out for whatever crop is fashionable I suppose.

The bush doesn't have commercial value, but it isn't all swampy either.  There is a 3 or 4 acre parcel 50m behind the house that is going to require a significant amount of love.  Rough estimates put 5,000 tires, yes, 5,000 piled hazardly about.  The good part is they can be recycled and the steel rims have a decent enough value which bascially makes it worth-while enough for a company to come at their expense/machinery/time to take them away.  So that is getting ironed out. 

And the house is simply not inhabitable.  I can't even say if it is safe to be inside with the rot, mold, and the like. 

However, I am going to work away and do what I can to church up the outside of the yard.  Tonnes of garbage, 3 stoves, 4 refrigerators (with rotting food in them), a freezer (more rotten food), and so on, has been removed and I don't mind picking away at that stuff.  But I'll get some pictures.

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