Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Start of Summer

As always, the summer holidays arrived.  I don't count down the days.  Nor do I feverishly wait for the last bell to ring and bus leave the school.  Year after year the day comes and that is that.  I can't say that I wasn't looking forward to the end, but I certainly don't quantify the occasion.  I always get asked if I do, and I don't.

So first up was putting together a suitable float for the Canada Day Parade in Goderich on behalf of the Huron & District Labour Council.  It was my idea, so I quarterbacked the bulk of the theme and organizing.  I introduced topic and said I'd do it so long as it wasn't a Macaulay show.  So long as it wasn't just me, and the kids on the creation.  We have a very small committed labour council, but not that small.  I was assured a few others would show up and take part.

The parade in Goderich is actually quite big.  The route is about a mile and a quarter - and it is lined quite consistently with excited people.  At its peak there were people 10 to fifteen deep for about 400m.  Reading this in a big city you'd think that is nothing, but for here it is big....

The recipe for the float included my 8x8 utility trailer, a four wheeler, 4 bails of straw, and red and white decorations.  And the people too.  We had to have some people.  The float came together in about 15 minutes.  The staging area was only a few hundred metres from the house, and the rain had subsided in perfect timing.  We got a few brothers and sisters on the float - I adorned it with the Avon Maitland ETFO flag and off we went.....  The only bad decision was wearing my jacket as it was very hot.

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