Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beach'n It - Lake Huron

Over the past few days we have had a number of great visitors.  First we had Mark Kiteley and his family stay with us on their Ontario travels, and this was coupled with a Rich Tremain and his two kids visit too.  We had lots of fun, good food, good drink, backyard bbq, backyard camp fire, and the like.  We went for a run and were down at the beach having a swim.  All in all we had a great few days together doing this and that.  No pictures unfortunately.

Today my good buddy Drew was in town with his two kids in tow.  The weather continued to be fantastic, so after a bit of a walk around town to the neighbour shoppes, it would be down to the beach again.  I rented a stand-up paddle board for the occasion.  I had never been on one, but being a quick study and sure on my feet I didn't feel like it would be too much of a challenge in the Lake Huron chop.  It wasn't.

Basically it was a great day around town and down at the beach.  I suppose the lake water isn't as warm as I have made it out to be.  It isn't terrible - but it is refreshing.  That is okay because it is quite warm around here and the cooling nature of the water is a great reprieve from the mid day heat.

The paddle board was a huge success.  I was taken back by how stable they are - or this one was.  It wasn't at all like a canoe with its tippy disposition.  The kids loved going for rides on it and it wasn't difficult to steer or build up a bit of momentum whilst out on the water.  This one was a blow-up one I believe, or a portion of it was.  Whatever.  It was a lot of fun and if the forecast called for sunny blue skies and calm conditions out on the surf I would rent one again for a few hours.  And there were lots of pictures to take.

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