Monday, July 24, 2017

Goderich - Ottawa

Packed up with nearly three weeks of (un)necessary things, we took off for an east coast Canadian road trip.  The first stop would be an easy 660 km to the nation's capital.

Goderich to Ottawa via the 401.  Sunday June 23rd.

Pretty easy driving all in all.  There was a lot of traffic, but we always were able to skim the road at that magic 100km/h speed.  The truck would be our method of travel with our bikes and an assortment of other goodies to keep us occupied.

Being that it is 2017, technology isn't a must, but it s certainly a convenience in this day in age.  I get that yesteryear kids suffered through such journeys by car with imagination and books only, but that doesn't have to be the case.  So we let the just ride along for the first 90 minutes, then busted out the iPads.  I got a HooToo Travel Mate Router and loaded up a collection of movies that would undoubtedly quiet and occupy the worst kid traveling by car.  Sure enough, Frozen was finishing by Bowmanville, and we needed a gas and bathroom break.  Not a word from the back seat!   So these HooToo items are pretty neat.

We are staying in an AirBnB in Ottawa.  It is good because there are two rooms fully furnished, a kitchen free parking and it is in a great neighbour with shops and a huge kids play area.  But it does feel a bit weird.  It feels like a working house rather then a traditional hotel.  I don't get this feeling in a hotel that you are I'm someone else's place.  Obviously the owner is not here, and the privacy is great, but it is just a bit of a different feel.  No matter.  It has all been good this far.

We all had a great walk last night over to Bank street and around the Gleeb neighbourhood.  It all is coming back to me from my adventure here in September 2015....

So now it is Monday and it has poured rain all day.  No biking.  No walking.  No Byward Market.  No Typical Ottawa stuff.  We took the kids to an indoor play area which was over priced and not that great, and then walked around the Bayshore Mall for a few hours.

The rain is sure to subside, and we will get out to explore and navigate.

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