Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Forgetting My Password

So getting back into things with passwords can be a nightmare.  In September there were no less then 4 or 5 passwords with school to log into the network, to take attendance, complete assessments, finish some reports on students, log into the federation information, and of course the school email system.  It was all forgotten or changed from what I once knew and remembered.

The same can be said with me for this website.  Posting every month doesn't do too much in terms of remembering the login.  However here I am, successfully logged in and adding away in 2017.  We all made it through the holiday season and though there isn't too many pictures, there were lots of memories and stories.

December finished up with a number of school cancellations before the 23rd or December.  To be honest I thought it was going to be quite difficult to make it that far into the month and keeping everyone on track.  Thanks to a few weather cancellations it happened.  They seemed to help in two ways - it made completing work a lot easier because there was less time to do it.  And secondly it just gave enough of a break to want to get back and complete the things that needed done.  So I didn't bat an eye when the closure notices appeared.  I still made it to a health and safety inspection, two in fact, and got plenty of work done at home which both caught me up, and moved me forward.  And it is even another cancellation day today!

So Christmas was just a terrific time for everyone.  On the eve, we went out for dinner and drinks to  a friend's house, where we were joined by other friends.  We were not too late.   The kids were wrapped in beds not long after eight - Molly being very excited, and Shelly and I just hung out and did those last minute things that needed done, and watched Die Hard.

Christmas morning came early.  Before seven.  Santa did in fact make it to the house and dropped off a sundry of useful and necessary items that people asked for and needed.  An electric blanket, Husky car mats, pink hockey helmet and Paw Patrol paraphernalia.  There were other goodies too, but those were the highlights.  Later that afternoon we continued in the joyous spirit with dinner and drink at my uncle Larry's, joined by relatives of all stripes.

Boxing day was spent much like the previous day with an early morning rise, and the same activities of drink and gifts and food at my dad's.  It was the least busy boxing day in terms of numbers in quite sometime.  But that is the way it goes from time to time.

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