Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nature Walking

The holidays presents lots of extra time obviously.  We used this time to be at the YMCA of Goderich a number of times to go swimming and skating as a family, and also just to poke around town and out at the farm.  I can't remember what day it was, but it was a nice sunny day so we took off for Hawkin's road to see how the trails and the 25 acres (at Shelly's farm) was holding up.

I had been out there a few times before New Years Eve with the cross bow in hopes to fill a deer tag.  Despite my best efforts, which are poor, I didn't, but did see lots of sign and undoubtedly the deer, lots of rabbits and coyotes are enjoying the trails that I have slashed.  Unfortunately I did not or have not seen and turkey tracks....

At any rate we got on the trail and just heard the pains and screams of wild children.  Without fail Molly complains that it is too this, or too that....  it is too wet in the spring, too buggy or mosquitoe-y in the summer, too many leaves in the fall - her legs were tired this time walking in the snow.  However I try to deafen her calls and and enjoy the walk.  Not 50 feet into the trail I saw what I thought was a jack-rabbit.  Not a cottontail, but a sizable lepus.  Wally was pulled along on a polar bear sled and it was a nice hour or so for all of us.

Molly got a sled for Christmas.  It was your standard "saucer" variety.  We told her she could have a go on it at a place on the way back from the walk at the farm.  She had it in her head after seeing Wally in his sled at the farm that she should be able to ride on it rather then walk.  Saucer sleds aren't the kind that someone gets pulled on....

On the way home we did manage to stop at a sledding area and it worked out just fine.

Last but not least Wally just had his second birthday.  He had it with just a bit of fan fare.

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