Thursday, October 8, 2015

Got To Atlanta

So we got to Atlanta no problem on Thursday by 4:00.

The driving was soooo much nicer; less traffic, no construction, and just all around nicer views through Kentucky and Tennessee.  You really do see and feel the smoky mountains for a bit of a stretch along the interstate during this point.

It rained a lot, but that would be the theme for the next few days.  We made it to Knoxville and ate a cool place.  It was a chain restaurant, but it had gourmet tomatoe soup and grilled cheese.  So obviously it doesn't make too much of a difference, although it did have a different feel then the regular chain-type eating establishments that are prolific along the interstate.  It was called Tom-Chee I think?  It was good.  I had the chilli - I hate tomatoe soup and I didn't feel like a grilled cheese.

We got to Marsha's and noticed her kids were across the street at a neighbour's house.  So we went over because we saw a huge bouncy castle with a gaggle of kids going insane.  Once there, Alden and Loch recognized Molly so I just tossed her into the castle like I was a long lost neighbour, rather then the tired traveler I was.  The house owner thought nothing of it because our kids knew one another.  After 30 seconds I introduced myself, Marsha was also now in the frame, and we had a beer in no-time flat.

Thursday night we just had a few more drinks and order some pizza.  It was still raining.  But we had made our destination.

On Friday we had strong intentions and plans to make a dent in Atlanta, but we didn't.  It was raining and there would be no fun in 5 points, or Little Five Points, or Piedmont Park, or Virginia Highlands, and all those places....  So we went to riverside Park up in Roswell and walked around a bit and played on some equipment.  Later on in the afternoon we cruised a WalMart which is embarrassing, but then we went to a trampoline facility which was fun.  And on Friday night Marsha and I went to the Roswell vs. Walton high school football game in the rain.
It was a good day all in all - a bit different then expected, but it was nice spending some time together and doing things with Marsha at times, and of course with my more immediate family too.


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