Friday, June 26, 2015

This has been a mighty big month of posting and exploits - Wow!  The summer, and my 14 month sabbatical is just beginning too.  All in all it has been a busy week and lots of things seem to be happening.

There was an airshow in town this week. The iconic and distinctly Canadian Snowbirds did those maneuvers, rolls, and flips that they do.  I would say it was highlighted by two jet fighters however.  I think I am writing it correctly when I say there was a CF-18, as well as an F-18?  I don't know the lingo.  But they each screamed and screeched over the town of Goderich and rattled many-of-houses in the process.  It was pretty cool indeed.  One of the jets used Lighthouse Street as an indicator to fly westward over the lake whilst I was sitting in the front lawn.  I would guess its elevation to be 500 feet or more - but it sounded and felt like 50!  And that piercing/searing sound after it passes....

That was Wednesday.  While running home on Tuesday the Snowbirds flew over me while on the trail running in.  Again, it just seemed like they are only a few hundred feet above me.  I had quite the view.  As for pictures - terrible quality/framing, but you get the idea.  I never did get a picture of those fast jets.

Last night I attended and voted in my first ever political candidates meeting.  I am a card carrying NDP member.  There was the Huron Bruce nomination meeting for the upcoming fall 2015 federal election.  There were about 125 - 150 people there and Gerard Creces was voted in to be the NDP candidate for the riding.  Good luck to Gerard and his team!

Today is it.  The last day of work for 14 months!  I don't really have too many obligations - well no obligations as far as I am aware of, until September 2016 with the AMDSB.   14 full months off.  I have continually been enrolled in a deferred salary plan where 20% of my pay is withheld for 4 years, and on the fifth year I get paid all that 20% which has accumulated.  Another way to look at it is stretching 4 years worth of pay over 5 years, and one doesn't work that fifth year.  So ya!!!!  It is fantastic.  Absolutely a terrific thing to do.  So I am pumped up and excited for this.

I ran out to school this morning.  Okay, I ran some of the way to school this morning. The school is about 17 miles from home, and I made 8 miles or so before my ride arrived...  Beautify morning in the country.

The front of the house is looking pretty good with some colour.  We've got a few flowers in and keeping the weeds to a minimum.

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