Sunday, June 21, 2015

Months have gone by without a picture of Shelly...  There just hasn't been one as she has operated the camera mostly, rather than being a subject in its view finder.

We are all doing very well.  The day is just getting going.  It is Father's Day and I am not quite sure what adventures are going to happen.  I think Molly and I will most likely go swimming at the YMCA, and then maybe head up to Hollyrood.  I might bring a fishing rod and a gun - hit the bass hole with a few worms and blast off a few rounds.  It is a great looking weather day out.

I have been on a few mini adventures over the past few weekends.  Two weeks ago I had a great ride up to Blue Mountain.  There was a teacher's rally at the ski hill protesting the power's-at-large of an organizations called OPSBA  (Click here for more about OPSBA - who they are...)

At any rate, there are big enough differences between OPSBA and the various teaching unions who bargain with the government that my union, ETFO, staged a rally at their annual general meeting = or perhaps it was just a somewhat regular meeting for them.  Nevertheless an enthusiastic crowd of about 600/700 made it to rally in cars, buses, and at one by KTM motorcycle.

I must say the overall turn out must have seemed disappointing to the organizors.  There are well over 70,000 ETFO members in the province. By my decent quantitative estimates there was not even 1000 there. But on a positive note those who were there were plenty vocal, respectful, and passionate about the cause at large.  Congratulations to those who were there - especially a large presence from the greater Toronto area. There local presidents had some great words and messages to the attendees.

Yesterday, as the top picture shows - I hit up another ride with a neighbour/former neighbour - hopefully always will be a neighbour in the spirit of the word, if not by geographic location, Dave Glousher.  We were also joined by local company including Jim Wallace, Peter Herring and Trevor.  (I don't know Trevor's last name.)  We skinned and scammed our way to Paris, ON for the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap.  I had never been to Paris, and I will say I was quite impressed by what I saw - of the show and of the town.

So there is just too much to see at this place.  There must have been parts to assembly 10,000 bikes completely.  It was a haven for forks, sprockets, gas tanks, seats, seats, seats, and all of those other bike buzz words - I certainly am not up to the lingo and vocab with much mechanically currently, so I was even more at a loss with the terms of reference from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  However a lot can be said for simply nodded your head and agreeing.  And to through in an, "Ah yes.....  That was really great back then."

Trevor rode a vintage Nortan.  It was a cafe style racing bike with dropped handle bars and foot pegs set back.  He unfortunately had a few electronic issues with starting his bike and getting it going.  I didn't want to tell him that I have had all sorts of electronic/battery issues with my bike too.  That I can't seem to keep batteries charged up or from not draining too.

We had a great, fantastic lunch at a pub called 2 Rivers in Paris.  Again - from what I saw I was very impressed with this community...
Just some other pictures from the past few weeks or so:

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