Monday, June 8, 2015

Lounging Around

I was probably a bit hard on Wally when I posted a few days ago with all his wincing, grimacing, and cringing that goes on.  It is a first world problem for me; so I should go a bit easier on the little guy.  Shelly calls him Buddy quiet often.  I have started to call him that too as a term of endearment.  It feels better to call someone a nice, friendly name, perhaps rather than "Wally".  "Buddy" is a good name to say and it actually relaxes me a fair bit.  I look at him a bit differently too when I call him "Buddy". 

When Wally was born we were told that there is a bit of a legal requirement to fix a name within 30 days....  And the nurses had told us on a few occasions a child has left with one name and came back in a few weeks or a month with another.  This story isn't really going anywhere because our 30 day window is up, and we aren't changing Walter, but I do find that Buddy is a very suitable option too.  Especially when he is off on a scream.

That other child of ours is doing just fine.  Molly was asked to pose for a picture with Shelly's requirements and staging and she came up with this:

It isn't a bad picture or anything.  Shelly has no training on photo layout, metering, cropping, lighting, intensity, or whatever the buzz words are in this world....  It is just her pointing and shooting with a Canon G16.

Then Shelly asked Molly to pose however she wanted.  This is what happened:
So I suppose this has nothing to do with picture quality, or those picture buzz words that I mentioned, rather the thought and intelligence process and processing that goes on in-between the ears of a 36 year old, and a 3 year old.  I suppose for a 3 year old it seems perfectly normal to strike a pose such as this.  At least her finger wasn't in her nose.

And again I am thumbing through the pictures taken and I am seeing a lot of the kids, a bit of me, and not much of Shelly.  I can only assure you all that she is indeed still around and plugging away at those crazy things she does.  The two of us are certainly due and looking forward to a nice night out on the town in the next few weeks.

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