Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post Labour Day Weekend

I busted out my KTM black and orange colours to start the school year.  I was inspired by the idea that if I had motorcycle gear on, I'd rip and burn through this school year as quickly as possible - somewhat like how I ride.  Will it happen?  Who knows.  The year will be great though I am sure and I was looking forward to getting it going.

We had a good long weekend.  There was a lot of outdoor activities done.  Nothing was really any better than the others we did - however I got some pictures at the fish pond.  A few of us hit the spring fed watering hole to wrestle with a few rock bass.  It is easy, easy fishing.  Rod, reel, line, barb-less hook worms.  The reel doesn't even have to work.  So long as you can get the business end of the equation into the water - the fish are begging for it.  Every cast nets a fish.  What more can you ask for?

Most fish are bigger than this Larry!
 And Shelly, Rachel, and Molly were also having quite a fine time...

So the move into the new house was pretty exciting of course...  We had a great summer and writing about that was really fun - But the other event and topic which is near and dear right now is Shelly and she is pregnant.  I should, but don't exactly have my math correct, but I want to say she has surpassed 20 weeks in and is due around the first third part of  January.  I am decent with math, but I must confess this biology and math is a bit past me...  Shelly may even be 21 or 22 weeks into things.  A date of January 10th has been calculated.  So there you go.  Most people we work with know and family of course...

Shelly is not only looking great, but feeling great too.  So good on you Shelly, and maybe you've got another 4 more pregnancies in ya to get me to six kids - The half dozen.  What I have always wanted!

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