Monday, October 6, 2014


I hear and read about many horror stories about posting things such as this online, although nobody really reads my blog, plus, the address isn't listed....  However, anyone with any where-with-all would be able to sort out Lighthouse Street if they knew the community I live in....  However, I made this online at a website called and it was pretty easy and user friendly.  They had lots of different fonts and backgrounds and I think most elementary aged kids could probably do as good of a job as I did here, if not better.  Way better.

So ya - we are gong to have a bit of a party on Halloween.  Friends have stopped over to the house, but we didn't have a, "Come on over", or "Welcome In" type of party that is sometimes customary, sometimes not when people move.  So I guess this event will serve as double purpose.

We are mostly moved in.  Pictures and such - or more pictures other than the floor would certainly shed light into the rest of the house and its style.  However - I suppose that is why one might want to come over.

As for my costume, I don't know - but I am thinking about trying to pull off a church lady or an androgynous Pat.  Something from the 90s for sure....  It should be fun.  Another friend was supposed to have a themed party like this, or was encouraged to, 5 years ago.  He hasn't yet.  So I don't figure I am stomping on his parade by doing so.

Two things that Shelly has grown; the pumpkin and Molly.  Way-to-go Shelly.  Looking great!

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