Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flooring Down and In

We were really excited to put some new foundation down in one of the main rooms and through/into a bedroom.  It totally 600 square feet with a few odd corners and crops to get around.  There was carpet down, but it had all of its life taken from it; it was no longer secured to the floor in spots, a few noticeable stains, and the like.

The sub floor was in good shape - so there was nothing stopping us once I rounded up some equipment and some good help.  I got my roofers on the job; Bruce and Warren.  I figured since we shingled the Quebec Street house last year, how different could this task be?  Well - the fellers said by the end roofing is a lot easier.  They said something to the effect that you can make more mistakes on a roof that don't get noticed, compared to flooring.
This is the real stuff.  I got the real tongue and groove stuff.  It is Maple.  It is real light in some spots, but every now and again there are some dark, grainy highlights of swirls and twirls in the wood.  It looks quite sharp if I do say so myself.  The deal sealer, which I don't have pictures of it yet, is the baseboard.  I got some kiln-dried, Mennonite milled, red oak from a feller up near St. Helen's.  I finished it with a semi glossed polyurethane.  I was told to stain it, give it a light sanding, then wipe it clean, and then repeat.  I really got into that and was so happy of its finished look.  I got the quarter round too.

Anyway - it all turned out great.  I have a bit of fixing to do on the pop-up bar cover on the floor.  But for now, a mat will hide those errors and miscuts.  My transition from a bit of a hallway and into a room, then back into a closet went seamlessly!

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