Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Decent Drop

There are just things like this all over the place.  Well - they have varying degrees of heights, lengths, widths, steepnesses, difficulties and so on.  I had enough of time, at first, riding a 12 foot long, rail-road tie width obstruction (1 foot drop).  By the end of the week it wasn't a problem.  Everything looks so easy and small, but once over, on top of, or behind - you soon get a different perspective.

The quality and composition of the bicycles makes so much difference.  I was riding an all-mountain type bike with 5 inches of suspension on the rear wheel and of course shocks on the front forks.  You really have to use the bike to your advantage.  It will ride over rocks and logs with ease.  You have to trust it to do so, and keep your speed up, but they mostly will do what you ask it to do.  Lower the seat.  Lean way back.  Keep hard on the rear brake - easier on the front....

Trevor rode his down hill bike all the time.  It was much heavier (45lbs?), lacked climbing/granny gears, and had more suspension at the rear.  So a bike such as this somewhat glides or slices over the west coast hinderances.

So Rossland would boast 150km+ of trails within 10km of its downtown core.  These trails are over and through the wickedest terrain.....  They are well marked, mapped, ridden, walked, and enjoyed by many. They are multi- seasonally used as well.

A group around Goderich is trying to put a 5km long trail from Point Farms to the airport in Goderich.  The land is significantly more viable to put a trail in terms of its geological properties - but it is on the outer shoulder of a highway with a good volume of traffic.

But my point - There seems to be a bunch of reservations and obstacles putting in 5km of trails around here - and out west the abundance of trails and the support of build and maintain them is unquestionable.  It is too bad.

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