Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Molly's second birthday came with a bit more fan fare and substance than last year's weak showing.  Hey - Shelly and I were busy!  We actually did some activities, a few folks came over, and she had a cake. (None of which happened last year.)  All in all she has changed and grown so much.

So two years ago exactly as I write this, Nov. 5, 2011, Molly looked pretty much like:
And now:
We have our own little dish washer.  She also loves to sweep, vacuum, and swat flies.  Laundry.  Yes.  She's onto laundry too these days.  Just a great little helper.

The cake was quite impressive that Shelly made.  She used this template of a horse.  We used a marsh mellow and chocolate chip for an eye, and some licorice for its hair and head gear...  whatever that is called.  It looked pretty darn real if you ask me.  NEIGH!  Watch out Buddy Valesto.
That is about it.  I got out deer hunting on Monday.  I saw the rear end of a four legged ungulate only 20 yards in front of me whilst walking to a tree stand.  It was another 20 yards further by the time I spun around and raised my rifle.  But that was it.  I heard plenty of shooting.  But nothing crossed my path.  Oh well.  I will get out again this week/weekend at some point.

Shelly is great.  She is just busy with some extra music stuff in the community.  She is playing co-ed volleyball in the local fun league, and of course is busy with work and all of those things.

Around here - Goderich, lots of rain actually in the past 10 days.  The river is absolutely busting with water and it is quite wet in the fields. I have been meaning just to put and keep the canoe on the top of my truck and put in, but there just doesn't seem to be the time.  The days are a bit shorter....  That's okay though.... 

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