Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year

I just opened up my camera card to see what was on it - Nothing.  Not one picture taken in 2013 yet....  That is the way it is going to go I guess. 

On New Year's Eve I was over at a friends place to ring in the event.  Shelly was home in bed - not feeling well at all.  Molly was feeling well, but asleep.  I could have just stayed home, but it was nice of Carolyn and Rick to invite me over, so over I went.  It was a fun night in the end.  It is too bad Shelly wasn't there, but next time.

But Molly and Shelly are both truly doing fantastic.  Molly of course is about 15 months old and is kind of walking.  She weighs about 24 pounds.  She is right into the cupboards, laundry baskets, and the book shelves, big-time.  She grows out of clothes quite quickly, and eats, and eats, and eats.

I have been playing a bunch of hockey, running quite a lot too, and I am also helping out back stage in a play at The Livery.  It is called, "I'll Be Back After Midnight" by Michael Combs I think.  It is a murder mystery comedy.  It is quite funnny and will be an enjoyable production.  Offically I am the Assistant Stage Manager.  I am getting the props sorted, helping organize the stage, and there will obviously be other duties.  Nothing fancy. 

Well, I just wanted to put a few words down so I don't leave it too long....  I'll get some pictures and more stories on the go.


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