Monday, May 21, 2012

Terrbily Toasted Tractor

There has always been a standing joke or two around Kinloss Township that the Johnston's have notoriously had tractor troubles.  The Massey 2706 that won't go into reverse without a hammer, the flat tires and worn out treads which are more common then the dandilions, and the fork-bucket attachment which has just but one prong remaining to stab the large round bales of hay or straw - reminds me of a one thumbed hitch hiker.  Yes, there has been a few jokes lobbed their way regarding these follies. 

Brother (in-law) Andrew has infamously carried on the tradition in probably the biggest way as the picture indicates - He just had his 2009, $70k tractor spontaneously a-light!  Indeed, it just started on fire! This was a week or so ago.  I never really got a complete explanation - He fueled it ($), used it for a few hours in the morning in some capacity, and went in for lunch - or "dinner" as they refer to a meal at 12 noon as such.  He was looking out the window, and instead of seeing the fruits of his labour, he saw the machine engulfed in flames.... There is surprisingly more plastic in a tractor then you would expect, and the tires, well, trust me those suckers burn like Rome did in 64 A.D., coupled with the diesel fuel....  And goodbye.  The transmission and gears are still sort of usable!  The rims would make a fine fire pit.  Being a farmer now myself, I am beginning to see the usefullness in just about anything...

On the most serious note - No one was hurt.

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