Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dead Animals This Time

Only one of these pictures is actually a dead animal - I wish it were all 3, however....  Check out the squirrel, cat and turkey - Good job Larry!

There isn't much of a story with this little Jake - Larry called 4 of them in and toyed with them with a fanning Tom decoy and his trusty "Raspy Hen" diaphragm - Not a contraception device BTW!  He was wishing for something bigger as it was only about 15 lbs and had less then 1 inch spurs....  Nevertheless - it made a few meals for Larry's kin.
And as for me - skunked.  Skunked a few times actually.  But the season goes on for a few more weeks and hopefully there'll be a meal for Shelly and Molly too.

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