Monday, May 21, 2012

Long Weekend

2 birthdays this weekend - Shelly's 33rd on Monday.  I don't think she minds that I write that.  And Shelly's mom's _ _ th, which was on Sunday.  She might mind....  Oh, and Julie Hanson's/Gillam's (I am not sure what she goes by) 40th on Saturday.  Yes, that was 3 consecutive days of festivities.  They were all pretty fun, yet I don't really have any good pictures to share....  Not a one.  Even though I had the camera and was planning on capturing the moments.  Great food and company too everywhere.

Southern Ontario had some great weather though - the best since March Break actually, all weekend long.  It was just a total beauty!  Hot, sunny and just great to be out in.

Turkey hunting is soon ending - I all but guarenteed a bird to my friend Bill - And I said I would shoot it on Saturday.  So on Saturday morning Thuss and I hit Forbe's Fields and sure enough, there were gobbles and gobbling and I had that feeling, you know.  So these suckers start falling from the trees left, right and centre.  Patiently, I awaited there arrival.

Sure enough a few Jakes took to their morning routine walk and ambled in front of me about 20 yards away or so.... One puffed up and indicated his likeness to my plastic decoy.  It would be him, that bird who was going to get-it....

It took a few more strides and I pulled the trigger.  It hit the ground and began flapping its wings as I have seen other shot turkeys do.  It was early.  About 6:10 am.  Lots of light though.  Anyway I waited a few minutes, got up and walked over.  It flew away. 

This is the 2nd time I have shot a turkey, with no witness - Thuss was sitting else where, and it got up and flew off.  The first time was a few years ago and it literally rolled, did a 360 and got up and flew off.  I was only about 5 yards away from it.  And then this weekend....  Those suckers are tough as nails!  You got to hit them right or else you won't be going home with one.  Although the story, all in all, sounds like some golfer bragging about his hole-on-one, with no witness(es) of course.  Which reminds me of a story for another time.  My friend Guffer who once got a hole-on-one, but he was with a dog.  Trust me - the dog wasn't able to collaborate the story.

So that was the weekend give or take... 

Oh, and one other hightlight - Seeing those righteously radical Wrights on Sunday afternoon.  They were in Dungannon for a visit.  I stopped in to say hi on my way to Glady's party....  Molly's party dress lasted about an hour before she upped her afternoon snack on it.

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