Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pictures From the Long Weekend

We had a super great long weekend this past week.  Friday off, as well as Monday, makes for a happy guy.  There was a bunch of running around and farm work, however, it was a nice break.

Molly started off the break with an anti-climatic 5th month birthday - I would not have recognized it if it wasn't for all the pictures Shelly sent me.  So good for you Molly - You are doing swimmingly well for yourself considering your first 5 months.  Here is to you!
It is funny because I don't think most pictures accurately show what she looks like and such.  She has red hair that is noticeable all of the time, except in this picture.  I can tell you that she normally smiles a lot too.  Although not in pictures....  Then there is the spit-ups and drool that is generally on her, which you can't see here.  And she usually stinks from the mouth, butt, or both.  The camera just doesn't show all of those things.
With the red hair and nice smile, the cleanly odour and lack of liquid exiting the mouth, hopefully Molly will look a lot like Brittany in 24 years...  Time will tell.
There were a lot of screaming kids on Saturday afternoon over at this one function we were at.  Organizing them into a photogenic pose has got to be like bathing a few cats.  Nevertheless we tried our best to have a few second cousins or cousins once removed nestled together for their likenesses taken.
Arden Collins, Molly Macaulay, & Halle Couriveau

Jon & I with the girls

And other then that, we just poked around and did a bunch of this and that.  I took 2,000lbs of scrap steel in for recycling from the farm.  Had a few fires at the farm and burnt a lot of willow trees, poplar, and other bits of refuse.  Had some break downs on the farm, and I quickly became educated in changing a flat front left tire on a Massey 165 and its hydraulic line for the bucket to work - Not as difficult as one would have imagined too....  As good as the weekend went, it went by quickly.

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